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January 01, 1970 - BY The Verge

Disney Plus and Hulu’s one-app experience is launching in beta

An image showing the Hulu hub on Disney Plus
Hulu now has its own tile on Disney Plus for bundle subscribers. | Image: Disney

Disney is rolling out the beta version of its combined Disney Plus and Hulu experience today. The new hub, called Hulu on Disney Plus, puts content from both services on the Disney Plus app.

If you’re subscribed to a Disney Plus and Hulu bundle, you’ll see a new Hulu card that appears next to the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic titles at the very top of Disney Plus’ interface. Selecting the Hulu option will bring you to a “Hulu Hub,” where you’ll gain access to the thousands of movies and TV shows available through the service. The experience is also available to people who subscribe to Disney Plus and Hulu separately, as long as both accounts are associated with the same email address.

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